Choosing The Best Hair Dryer For You


If you’ve already bought a hair dryer, you know it’s a huge choice. Almost every home has at least one, but when it is appropriate to change or upgrade the dryer, how will you know which dryer is most appropriate for your hair? Is the product classified under the brand? Maybe it looks like? How is this price based? Before buying the best hair dryer, consider a few important factors.

There are currently five main types of the market; traditional metal roll, ions, ceramic, tourmaline and nano-silver. Some models combine two or more of these technologies. Look at the five.


Traditional models date back to the beginning of the twentieth century and usually consist of motor and metal. If the metal coils heat the engine, hot air (positive charge) is blowing, and the hair dries relatively quickly. The problem is that the use of positively charged particles (positive ions) that open the hair covering the skin and essentially retains the boiled water. The end result is usually a dry, cracked, unhealthy hair. Although they are still on the market, they are generally cheaper, lower models.


Unlike metal dryers used for positively charged ions, ionic hair dryers use negatively charged particles. What is the difference? Charged negatively, they break into small droplets of water, microdroplets that are easy to absorb, shortening the drying time and improving the health of the hair. The essence of having or utilising a dyer is not just to dry the hair it is also to improve the hair quality.


Ceramic products, which are used only in flat irons, are currently used in hair dryers. Traditional models use highly heated metal spirals, but unfortunately “cold” points, because the heat produced is not consistent. The ceramic creates even and consistent heat and is usually produced only at low and high speeds. Ceramics also reduces bacterial production, which means cleaner, healthier hair. It Often eases to find some of the best ceramic and ion models. See more.


Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that naturally produces a lot of negative ions after heating. Tourmaline model is milled and used in ceramic heating bodies and is capable of producing up to six times more negatively charged than traditional ceramic components, greatly reducing drying time. Most hair dryers combine ionic, ceramic and tourmaline elements.


It is the latest dryer as it regards technology, nano-silver kills 99% of all bacteria and helps keep your hair soft and clean longer. Since this technology is still completely new, most companies still have a model, but there is an increase in its awareness in recent weeks. The best hairdresser usually appreciates the entire budget but does not lose. The best hair dryers are more investment than the costs.


Depending on the budget you can afford, most hair dryers recommend buying a ceramic and ionic model. If you can afford it, especially if you are usually in a hurry after you shower, the speed is better suited for combinations of ceramic, ion and tourmaline technology.…

Various Types in Best Hair Dryers

Different types of best hair dryers may be bought in the market. Most of these dryers encompass certain features which include multiple setting for heat and speed, other styling accessories, adaptor, and safety feelers. Aside from that, there are good hair dryers which feature special capabilities such as the ceramic and ionic dryers. Usually, they are more expensive than the usual models. But the nice thing about them is that they are great for women with straight hair. They can last longer than their cheap counterparts.

Best hair dryers are an important accessory of your dressing room. Many of the leading tools manufacturers for hair styling keep on putting new tools for hair drying with much improved technologies. These hair dryers quickly dry your hairs while retaining their natural shine and beauty.

Buying a hair blower may be costly depending on the type of dryer that you prefer. Opting for a dryer because of its cheap price is not a good idea. Most cheap dryers have limited options on using them. However, buying too expensive dryer is not a practical thing to do. What you must do is to think about what hair type you have and what features of a dryer you need. Then, consider some other factors in buying such as the cost of the device, its functions, and benefits.

The market’s best hair dryers are classified into different types, depending on the used technology. They are categorized as unit dryer for ceramic heating, ionic, advanced hair dryers, and tourmaline.

The ceramic dryers are the best conductors of heat. They are well known for the uniform ejection and distribution of heat, without cold spots. Basically, such dryers contain a ceramic heater inside. The ceramic heater is a controlled heater. It delivers less heat but works like the maximum heat dryers. Its working is also based on negative ions. This locks the shine and natural bump of hairs. They are best for people with slightly difficult hairs.

The tourmaline dryers are a popular type of dryer. In such of these, the heating properties are coated of certain crushed tourmaline. Being such natural mineral, it has the property to give off negative ion particles. Some new models also combine the ceramic and the tourmaline dryers. Both, ceramic as well as ionic dryers have tourmaline components. The distinguishing properties offer 70% greater efficient and quicker than any other ordinary dryers. More explained in this post:

The ionic hair dryers act though negative ions. Unlike the positive ions, the negative ions act on cuticle and lock the moisture inside it. These negative ions have proved to be good for the natural shine and overall health of hairs. On the same time, the negative ions quickly break up the bond between the water molecules. It never lets your hairs dry and dehydrated. This helps to evaporate water completely and quickly. It is best for normal hair.

Some advanced model of dryers supplies for a Nano-titanium form of properties. Most of the other dryers will merge ceramic with Nano-silver advancement technology. These are mostly used by the professional best hair dryers for a refined and conditioned appearance. Thus, you may find many types of dryers and the best is ultimately the one that suits your budget ad requirement.

Shop for best hair dryers online at Flat Iron Beauty, the shopping site for flat irons, curling irons as well as hair care products.…

The Facts You Need to Know to Find the Best Hair Dryer

The single most important factor to consider is the heating element. It’s no secret that heat can be dangerous and damaging when applied to hair day after day. Even if you use a thermal protecting product, it’s still important to use a high quality hair dryer to prevent any damage. Not all hair dryers’ dry hair in the same way and knowing the difference can really save your hair.

The least expensive best hair dryer’s tent to use a metal or plastic heating element and this leads to a very intense, very uneven heat. It essentially “cooks” the hair by boiling the water out of it. This is the most dangerous way to dry your hair and should be avoided whenever possible. Higher standard dryers are typically made with a ceramic drying element; similar to what is used in space heaters or other home heating technology. Ceramic produces a far-infrared head that enters the core of the strand of hair and dries it from the inside out.

The best hair dryers are a very important part of your hair styling and hair care routine. You will use this tool nearly every single day and there are many important factors to consider before purchasing one. If you’re a hair stylist, there are even more things to be aware of because you will use this tool on almost every client. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with all the options available, just remember to consider the following: heating element, settings, wattage, weight, attachments and warranty. There are multiple styles in each category but the best one for you depends on your needs.

Ceramic heating elements can accomplish these negatives ions to an extent, but it’s much more effective to combine it with another material, like tourmaline. It reportedly dries and styles hair up to 70% faster than tools made with other materials. Overall, the very best hair dryer will be ionic and made from a ceramic and tourmaline blend.

A recent addition to hair dryers are all of the attachment options. A person with thick, curly hair can avoid and hint of frizz with a diffuser. This attachment diffuses hair between the ringlets to dry it faster, but more gently. And using a nozzle or air stream tool is great for those who dry their hair with a brush. You can come out sections of your hair and easily focus the stream of air right on that part for quick and efficient drying. Also, these nozzle tools allow you to focus the air on the roots or on the underside of your hair: two places that are often forgotten.

If you only use a hair dryer for personal use, the weight may not be very important. But if you use a dryer day after day on client after client, you will certainly notice the difference a couple of ounces can make. The lightest hair dryers available are 12 oz. to 13 oz. Because these are usually higher end and more expensive, consider whether you really need your dryer to be this light.

The last important factor when buying best hair dryer is the warranty. Just like everything else, the warranty sometimes comes from the manufacturer and sometimes from the retailer. The more expensive brands tend to have the better return, refund, and repair options available so be sure to check it out before you invest in a dryer.

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Choosing the Best Hair Dryer for You

There are five basic types of hair dryer on the market today: the traditional metal coil model, ionic, ceramic, tourmaline and nano-silver. Some models combine two or more of these technologies together. If you’ve been buying for your hair dryer, you’ll know that it’s almost overwhelming knowing the vast options available. Almost every home is having their own for at even one, but time will come that we need to replace or upgrade your dryer, how do you know what will work best with your hair? Do you judge the product by the brand name? Perhaps by its looks? How about based on its price? There are a number of important factors to consider before buying the best hair dryer for your hair.

Here’s a look at each of the five mentioned.

Ceramic, once used only in flat irons, is now being used in hair dryers. Traditional models use metal coils that heat up intensely but unfortunately created “cold spots” because the heat produced is not consistent. Ceramic create an even and consistent heat, and typically only come in a low- and high-speed settings. Ceramic also reduces bacteria formation, which means cleaner, healthier scalps and hair. It’s common to find some of the best models both ceramic and ionic.

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that when heated emits a large number of negative ions naturally. In tourmaline models, the stone is crushed and infused onto ceramic heating elements, and is capable of producing up to 6 times more negatively charged ions than the regular ceramic elements; therefore, reducing drying time drastically. Most tourmaline best hair dryers combine ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline components.

The traditional models date back to the early 1920s and typically consist of a motor and a metal heating coil. As the metal coils heat up, a motor blows intense hot air (positively charged ions) and dries your hair relatively quickly. The problem is that they use positively charged particles (positive ions) that open up the cuticles covering the shaft of your hair and essentially bakes the water off. The end result is typically dry, frizzy, unhealthy looking hair. While these are still on the market today, they are typically the cheaper, lower end models. read it from

Unlike those metal coil type dryers that uses a positively charged form of ions, the ionic hair type dryers uses a negatively charged kind of particles. What could be its difference? Negatively charged ions break down water droplets into smaller, micro-droplets that are easily absorbed into the shaft of the hair, thus reducing the drying time as well as improving the health of your hair.

The latest in dryer technology, Nano-silver kills 99% of all bacteria and helps keep your hair looking shiny and clean longer. Since this technology is still quite new, most companies haven’t introduced their own models yet but it’s a good bet you’ll see some in the next few years.

Depending what your budget can afford, most hair professionals recommend purchasing a model with both ceramic and ionic technology. If you can afford it, especially if you’re usually in a hurry after your shower, combining ceramic, ionic, and tourmaline technologies is the most ideal. The best hair dryer will typically eat up your entire budget; however, it’s not money wasted. Buying the best hair dryer you can afford is more of an investment rather than an expense.…