Choosing The Best Hair Dryer For You


If you’ve already bought a hair dryer, you know it’s a huge choice. Almost every home has at least one, but when it is appropriate to change or upgrade the dryer, how will you know which dryer is most appropriate for your hair? Is the product classified under the brand? Maybe it looks like? How is this price based? Before buying the best hair dryer, consider a few important factors.

There are currently five main types of the market; traditional metal roll, ions, ceramic, tourmaline and nano-silver. Some models combine two or more of these technologies. Look at the five.


Traditional models date back to the beginning of the twentieth century and usually consist of motor and metal. If the metal coils heat the engine, hot air (positive charge) is blowing, and the hair dries relatively quickly. The problem is that the use of positively charged particles (positive ions) that open the hair covering the skin and essentially retains the boiled water. The end result is usually a dry, cracked, unhealthy hair. Although they are still on the market, they are generally cheaper, lower models.


Unlike metal dryers used for positively charged ions, ionic hair dryers use negatively charged particles. What is the difference? Charged negatively, they break into small droplets of water, microdroplets that are easy to absorb, shortening the drying time and improving the health of the hair. The essence of having or utilising a dyer is not just to dry the hair it is also to improve the hair quality.


Ceramic products, which are used only in flat irons, are currently used in hair dryers. Traditional models use highly heated metal spirals, but unfortunately “cold” points, because the heat produced is not consistent. The ceramic creates even and consistent heat and is usually produced only at low and high speeds. Ceramics also reduces bacterial production, which means cleaner, healthier hair. It Often eases to find some of the best ceramic and ion models. See more.


Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that naturally produces a lot of negative ions after heating. Tourmaline model is milled and used in ceramic heating bodies and is capable of producing up to six times more negatively charged than traditional ceramic components, greatly reducing drying time. Most hair dryers combine ionic, ceramic and tourmaline elements.


It is the latest dryer as it regards technology, nano-silver kills 99% of all bacteria and helps keep your hair soft and clean longer. Since this technology is still completely new, most companies still have a model, but there is an increase in its awareness in recent weeks. The best hairdresser usually appreciates the entire budget but does not lose. The best hair dryers are more investment than the costs.


Depending on the budget you can afford, most hair dryers recommend buying a ceramic and ionic model. If you can afford it, especially if you are usually in a hurry after you shower, the speed is better suited for combinations of ceramic, ion and tourmaline technology.

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About the author : Alison Watson